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February 11, 2018: Presence in a Distracted World – Pete Johnson

April 29, 2018: Shag Your Story, Dating 101 for Singles & Couples – Monique Stefens

July 8, 2018: Friends, Family, Feuds & Forgiveness – Pete Johnson & Monique Stefens

Dancing With The Shadow 2016

Facilitated by Carol LaCroix
Currently waiting 2016 dates to be scheduled

This class is open to anyone wanting to attend.  You need not be a graduate of an Excellence NW class.  So, graduates, please feel free to extend invitations far and wide.

Some very wise person once said, “It’s what you don’t know about yourself that controls you”. I would add that it’s also the parts of yourself you have an inkling about but don’t wish to meet directly that stifle your fullest (and freest) expression.

For instance the participant in the class who denied her extreme creativity…we referred to this as her ‘inner Frida Kahlo’. This woman is a brilliant artist who won the Grand Champion award for her work in a recent competition. She just needed to acknowledge, respect and reveal this to herself to have the confidence to show it to others.

Or the woman so afraid of her sexuality she denied it altogether…not fun. That is until she embraced that part of herself. And that is all I will say about that.

There was the young man who repeatedly received feedback about his presence and leadership abilities which, once accessed, turned his life around personally and professionally.

The ‘trolls’ (remember The Three Billy Goats Gruff?) under your bridge that keep you from exploring the hidden treasures you’ve buried might just become your new best friends and guides to an ever-expanding adventure of self-actualization. Because you never know how what you’ve learned to hide, thinking it ugly or unacceptable or shameful, might just be one of those hidden treasures.

There are as many reasons for exploring oneself at this level as there are people interested in undertaking the journey. Here are a few of the reasons and results others have found (along with some nice things said about me).

Dancing With the Shadow really opened my eyes to the parts of my personality that I had rejected or hidden.  Rediscovering this has really increased my leadership capabilities at work and my relationships in all areas of my life. The class itself was fun and challenging.  Carol is an insightful teacher with an easy manner.  I would recommend this class to anyone looking to take themselves to the next level of personal understanding.
-Kristal Thomas

Prior to starting shadow work, I found that my good intentions were no match for my internal obstacles to real progress; shadow work addresses who I am, and facilitates the kind of true transformation necessary for lasting growth. While many workshops deliver a burst of quickly-waning inspiration, ‘Dancing With the Shadow’ opens the door to an ongoing journey of exploration. The environment of the workshop is one of respect and safety, and I always felt free to be authentic. Carol is a wise and compassionate guide, and makes the process enjoyable.
-Ingrid Asmundson

I would highly recommend the Shadow class as a valuable tool for self-actualization. My shadow is comprised of unique characters that arise under stress and are driven by fear and anger. Understanding and engaging my shadow has allowed me to transform what used to be unpredictable emotions and manipulations into productive and influential actions. The Shadow class has given me the emotional intelligence to align my intentions and actions with my recipe for success, an extremely powerful combination.”
-Dan Mahar

COST:  $900
($300 deposit is required)
CALL: 206-419-7232