ReFresh a monthly presentation which goes deeper into the Excellence Core Concepts. It is geared for both graduates and guests.

ReFresh Workshops will all be held from 7-8pm at Location: Village Books, downstairs, 1200 11th St, Bellingham, WA 98225

2019 ReFresh

June 18th  Responsibility with Monique Stefens

July 10th  Integrity with Pete Johnson

August 22nd  Choice with Dawn Harju

September 11th  Authentic with Pete Johnson

October 17th  Comfort Zone with Dawn Harju

November 5th  Gratitude with Monique Stefens

2020 ReFresh

January 8th Traction with Pete Johnson

February 5th Love with Monique Stefens

March 11th Communication with Dawn Harju

April 8th Inclusion & Assumptions with Monique Stefens

May 13th Boundaries with Dawn Harju

June 17th Choice with Dawn Harju

July 15th Responsibility with Pete Johnson

August 19th Comfort Zone with Dawn Harju

September 16th Forgiveness with Monique Stefens

October 14th Making Space, Room For New with Pete Johnson

November 11th Gratitude with Monique Stefens


Join us for Bellingham’s Best Meetups

(if we aren’t at doing a ReFresh)

Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm at Woods Coffee in Barkley Village by the Cinema