Core Concepts

This is a philosophy class, during which you will examine the five core concepts: responsibility, accountability, telling the truth, win‐win, and keeping & creating agreements. You will test your own skepticism, encourage subtlety in your understanding, and deepen your relationship to these concepts.
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Quantum Leap


A graduate-level seminar open to all graduates of Break Thru and The Wall, this course is designed to promote personal mastery particularly as it relates to leadership, excellence and prosperity. Held in a residential setting intentionally away from the distractions of daily routine, the LEAP takes one to new depths of self awareness and new heights of clarity regarding purpose and/or calling.
This program is about both the Profound and the Practical. The work, while strenuous, is accomplished in an atmosphere of good fellowship and respect, providing an exceptional opportunity to hone insights, shed burdens, fine tune personal plans and refresh the spirit.
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Authentic Leadership Training


The aim of this course is to strengthen your effectiveness as a leader, using a medium of public speaking as a tool for uncovering more knowledge of the self; whether or not your life entails much public speaking or professional presentation. Warren Bennis in his book “On Becoming a Leader” suggests that no leader sets out to be a leader per se, but rather to express him/herself freely and fully. Leaders may have no interest in proving themselves, but an abiding interest in expressing themselves (a crucial difference!). He offers this equation: Self–awareness + self-knowledge + self-possession + self-control = authentic self-expression.
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