Business Benefits

Individual and teams’ on-the-job effectiveness is dramatically increased by the skills, strategies, new insights and perspectives learned in ReSet for Excellence. Benefits noted by employers include:

• Increased sales and productivity
• Employees with a desire for improvement
• An increased commitment to the company

Employees who have gone through ReSet often demonstrate better teamwork and morale, an improvement in interpersonal and communication skills, and an improvement in attitude toward their work. The learning enables employees to experience greater ownership of their individual results which increases their sense of accountability for the company’s overall success.

The concepts I learned in ReSet for Excellence are beneficial to me both personally and professionally. One of the key benefits has been a better focus on those aspects of my job that generate measurable results that are important to me and the organization. Many of my staff and clients have taken the Excellence classes and I have seen a marked improvement in their individual and team performance, willingness to work in a win-win manner, and an overall increase in satisfaction and performance. For over 20 years I have been experiencing the results from these programs.
Tom Dorr, Executive Director, Center for Economic Vitality (formerly the SBDC)
Thanks to Excellence NW for your continued commitment to helping others to get great results in life. We have supported numerous employees in attending your programs and the outstanding results we have received in our organization are too many to list! Tremendously enhanced communication, improved production, accountability, focus and an overall fantastic attitude are just a few of the tools each and every employee have enjoyed since attending the series.
George Mosier, General Manager, Barron Heating and Air Conditioning