Excellence Northwest courses are about creating lifelong excellence. In each course you will experience a supportive, dynamic, respectful, playful and challenging environment. Our facilitators use a personalized and non-confrontational technique to help you find the benefits you seek.

About Excellence NW


To strengthen the fabric of good will in the world through innovative courses that support people to create lives they love.


Our vision is to create a world in which people show up and Live Big!
Like the effect of a ripple in a pond, graduates with clarity about who they are and committed to their own success, naturally affect the world around them. We see relationships thriving, people taking ownership of their results, and acting with courage and passion.


Our goal is to create a growing community of graduates who live this vision and participate in supporting Excellence Northwest.

2019 Excellence Northwest Board of Directors/Board of Champions:

Monique Stefens,President
Rachel Rodriguez, Vice-President
Pete Johnson, Secretary
Dawn Harju, Treasurer, Marketing Chair
Lori Jo Smith, Board Member
Jacqynette Shook, Board Member
Harvey Rossiter, Board Member
Amber Terry, Board Member
George Lindeman, Emeritus Board Member
Siobhan Murphy, Advisor to the Board of Directors


  • Not just another motivational course; instead, we offer real and lasting results.
  • Full Participation: the more you participate, the more you achieve.
  • Tailored to your needs: you decide your area of focus.
  • Attended by diverse individuals with a common aim: the desire for greater excellence in their lives.

The Bottom Line: Increased effectiveness in ALL areas of your life.

Course techniques:

Excellence Northwest courses are unlike any other; personalized and non-confrontational, they help you discover the benefits you seek. Courses are taught using:

  • Lectures by the facilitator
  • Socratic interaction in large groups
  • Pair and small group exercises
  • Creative visualization
  • Games