Break Through Your Barriers

BreakThru is a dynamic, in-depth seminar that assists participants in clarifying  life purpose and in defining exactly what factors need to be present in order to create a rich, fulfilling life.

How many times in life have you found
yourself stuck on the road to achieving a goal you want?

Sometimes what keeps you stuck is a fear, real or imagined. Sometimes it is a perception of what others may think. It may be a self-limiting judgment: too young, too old, too tired, not enough time or money. We call those stuck places “walls.” And they often seem as impenetrable as the real thing in brick and mortar.

Building on Reset for MORE Excellence, you will unveil experiences, fears, judgments or other reasons that hold you back and discover tangible tools for working your way through those obstacles.


Leave BreakThru incredibly empowered with: 

  • The knowledge to identify and break through walls that have inhibited your growth or progress.
  • A personal Definition of Success. You will uncover the unique set of experiences that you require to experience the most fulfillment.
  • A picture of where you see yourself being in the long-term.
  • A framework for participation. Learn what it takes to constructively achieve the things you have always wanted in life. You will leave The Wall with a process for clarifying your personal path to excellence in any area of life.

BreakThru is about removing obstacles that stop you from creating the results that you want in life. Graduates consistently report that The Wall is profoundly personal, revealing, and even life-changing. You will be amazed what you will create for yourself in as few as 72 hours.

Next course dates:

February 20-23, 2020

Please contact as at, or call us at 360-734-2507 for more information