Quantum Leap

New Heights of Clarity Regarding Purpose
A graduate-level seminar open to all graduates of Break Thru and The Wall, this course is designed to promote personal mastery particularly as it relates to leadership, excellence and prosperity. Held in a residential setting intentionally away from the distractions of daily routine, the LEAP takes one to new depths of self awareness and new heights of clarity regarding purpose and/or calling.

This program is about both the Profound and the Practical. The work, while strenuous, is accomplished in an atmosphere of good fellowship and respect, providing an exceptional opportunity to hone insights, shed burdens, fine tune personal plans and refresh the spirit.

Who should take this course:

This course is especially appropriate for students who have already done personal work and are serious about addressing questions such as.

  • Clarify your life purpose
  • Who am I at the very core?
  • Could I be having more fun?
  • What do I really care about?
  • Am I making the most of my life?
  • What is essential and non-essential on my journey?
  • How can I improve my most important relationships?
  • How can I get the maximum good out of all the learning I have done?