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Excellence Northwest is a local non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening individuals through innovative courses that support people in creating the life they love.

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Our Courses

Excellence Northwest's courses are about creating lifelong excellence. In each course you will experience a supportive, dynamic, respectful, playful and challenging environment.

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Upcoming Events

Next Board Meeting: April 9th at our office located at 2215 Midway Ln Suite 213, Bellingham, WA

Annual Picnic August 16, 2015 at Fairhaven Park, Large Shelter from Noon-3pm

**Monthly Board Meeting **

2nd Thursday of each month - Join Us!!!!

2215 Midway Ln, Bellingham Enter through Suite 208

Upcoming Courses

The Practice: April-May 2015. A supportive and encouraging environment to help you implement your personal vision and create the life you love. Facitator: Siobhan Murphy

* ReSet for Excellence: * October 8-11th. Introduction to core strategies for a great life. You will learn practical tools and concepts that you can start using immediately to become more effective in all areas of your life. Facitator: Janet Ott

BreakThru for Radical Clarity: November 5-8th. Using core strategies to achieve a greater understanding of self, to clarify your goals and values, and to create a personal vision for a life filled with passion and purpose. Facitator: Janet Ott

Benefits of our Courses

• Not just another motivational course; instead, we offer real and lasting results.
• Full Participation: the more you participate, the more you achieve.
• Tailored to your needs: you decide your area of focus.
• Attended by diverse individuals with a common aim: the desire for greater excellence in their lives.

The Bottom Line: Increased effectiveness in all areas of your life.

Course Techniques

Excellence Northwest courses are like none other in the personalized and non-confrontive way in which they help you find the benefits you seek. Courses are taught using:
• Lectures by the facilitator
• Socratic interaction in large groups
• Pair and small group exercises
• Creative visualization
• Games

Fax: 360-738-0371
Local number 360-734-2507 for a Mon-Fri 
Email: admin@excellencenw.org

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