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Excellence Northwest is a local non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening individuals through innovative courses that support people in creating the life they love.

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Excellence Northwest's courses are about creating lifelong excellence. In each course you will experience a supportive, dynamic, respectful, playful and challenging environment.

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Annual General Meeting & Holiday Party

Dec 2nd at 6pm: Join us at the Lairmont Manor for our Annual General Meeting and Potluck. Good Food, Good Friends, what more could we ask for?

**Monthly Board Meeting **

2nd Monday of each month - Join Us!!!!

2215 Midway Ln, Bellingham Enter through Suite 208

Upcoming Courses


Create your vision, develop your action plan, and learn how to get back on track when you run into obstacles. When: January 17, 2015

Meet our ReSet Facilitator Janet Ott by joining us at our into:

The Art of Procrastination

Location: Village Books Date: January 21, 2015 Time: from 6:00-7:30pm

"Without action, without decision, you remain in possibility, which is safe and beautiful but eventually enervating and boring." -- Jennifer Louden We all procrastinate, but some of us take it to an art form! We consistently avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions, which unfortunately are increasingly available. Come and find out the benefits of putting things off! However, since procrastinators are made and not born, come hear strategies for overcoming this habit, especially if the negative consequences are outweighing the benefits!

Free Event! Please RSVP via admin@excellencenw.org or call (360) 734-2507

For more information about our programs see our Course and Workshop pages.

ReSet for Excellence

February 5th - 8th

Benefits of our Courses

• Not just another motivational course; instead, we offer real and lasting results.
• Full Participation: the more you participate, the more you achieve.
• Tailored to your needs: you decide your area of focus.
• Attended by diverse individuals with a common aim: the desire for greater excellence in their lives.

The Bottom Line: Increased effectiveness in all areas of your life.

Course Techniques

Excellence Northwest courses are like none other in the personalized and non-confrontive way in which they help you find the benefits you seek. Courses are taught using:
• Lectures by the facilitator
• Socratic interaction in large groups
• Pair and small group exercises
• Creative visualization
• Games

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Local number 360-734-2507 for a Mon-Fri 
Email: admin@excellencenw.org

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